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Life Insurance

We at GLFS believe that Life insurance is a contract between the policy holder and the insurer, where the insurer promises to pay a designated beneficiary a sum of money (the "benefits") upon the death of the insured person. Depending on the contract, other events such as terminal illness or critical illness may also trigger payment. In return, the policy holder agrees to pay a stipulated amount (the "premium") at regular intervals or in lump sums.

The value for the policy owner is the 'peace of mind' in knowing that the death of the insured person will not result in financial hardship. We at GFLS offer our commitment to value by helping our clients get the best possible policy that suits their pockets. Our life policies are legal contracts with an aim to add value and transparency to the terms of the contract describe the limitations of the insured events.

Our life-based contracts tend to fall into two major categories:
Protection policies – designed to provide a benefit in the event of specified event, typically a lump sum payment. A common form of this design is term insurance.
Investment policies – where the main objective is to facilitate the growth of capital by regular or single premiums. Common forms (in the US) are whole life, universal life and variable life policies.

Medical Insurance

The growing costs of Healthcare is a primal fear for most individuals who are not covered under a corporate medical scheme. In the unfortunate event of a healthcare emergency, the financial complications can be disastrous. UAE ‘s move towards providing healthcare by making Medical Insurance compulsory (already in place for Abu Dhabi from 1/7/2006) has created an increased awareness and need for Medical Insurance Product.

There are many different kinds of Healthcare products, which are being sold in the market. The terms, conditions and limits vary accordingly.
Global Life Financial Solutions is authorized by HAAD (Health Authority-Abu Dhabi) to participate as insurance broker in the health insurance scheme of Abu Dhabi. GLFS assists you in assessing your exact requirements and suggesting a product suited for your needs.

Unexpected illness or accidents can occur to anyone at any time and when they do, you need to have the reassurance of knowing that you are well prepared for this eventuality and the escalating costs of medical care, employer or government provided benefits might not be enough to cover such large, unplanned medical expenses. GLFS provides healthcare solutions with great choice and flexibility that can be tailor-made to your requirements through our partnerships with reputed major multinational and local Medical insurance companies.


Medical insurance is available for both individual and corporate customers:
GLFSIndividual Medical Insurance solutions are designed to cater to the requirements of individuals or families.
GLFS Group Health Insurance Plans designed for Groups of ten or more persons. We can develop customized coverage and offer best rates. We recognize that choosing the right medical plan is of vital importance to you. GLFS has therefore dedicated extensive resources to assist you through the process of choosing the right policy, assisting access to appropriate medical service providers, claim procedures and servicing our clients with a team of multi-lingual administrators.

The GLFS Medical Commitment to value:
▪ Customized medical policies to fit in with your budget or corporate policy
▪ Free access to a wide choice of hospitals and medical specialists
▪ Assistance in locating suitable hospitals in any part of the world
▪ A multi-lingual administration team to assist you with claims
▪ Pre-empt possible problem areas before being submitted to the insurer.
▪ IT systems that ease administration and provide online access to your policy
and related information
All through your relationship with GLFS, you will find us right there with you, representing your best interest.

Group Health& Life Insurance

Selecting the appropriate group health & life insurance is a very important decision of any company as the plan that is put in place at the start may stay with you for your lifetime. Changing your plan after a period of time may mean that some conditions may be considered as pre-existing and may not receive coverage under the policy. Therefore, the time taken in the first instance to select the right level of cover can not only save an unnecessary financial burden but a great deal of anxiety and stress.

Group health & life insurance policies can be confusing. Utilizing the services of an insurance advisor can prove invaluable and save hours sat in front of a computer. The advisor's responsibility is to represent the interests of the policy holder, and not those of the insurance company. With their knowledge, experience and ability to interpret policy wording, an expert insurance broker can help you to avoid much of the stress associated with choosing a quality expatriate health insurance plan.

A medical plan purchased from a local provider may appear to save the company’s money in the short term. It can also prove to be very disappointing, in the level and type of cover provided in comparison with a plan from an group health insurance company. In the long term it is advisable to obtain as much knowledge as possible before making important decisions. Global Life Financial Solutions will help the employer in identifying the correct group health insurance which will benefit the company and the employees as well.

Workmen's Compensation

An organization in capacity of an employer can carry a potential liability towards Employees who may die or get injured during the course of carrying out their duties. The provisions of the relevant labor laws govern this liability. (Chapter VIII of Federal Labour Law No. 8 - UAE).

Over and above the employees or their heirs may sue the Employer in a civil court under common law. The Workmen's Compensation policy will provide indemnification to the Employer against these risks.

Basic cover can be extended to protect both Employers and Employees interest.

Group Life & Personal Accident Cover
The basic cover under a Group Life policy is accidental / natural death occurring to the insured person anywhere in the world. This can be extended to include Permanent and Temporary Disability following Accidents. The benefit limit per employee can be selected. The Workmen's Compensation insurance while providing benefits against industrial injury and death excludes natural death. Therefore, it is recommended that this cover be taken either as an extension of Workmen's Compensation insurance or independently as a standalone cover. Various options are available.


Most people are looking forward to an active, secure and fulfilling retirement. Naturally you will want to maintain your current standard of living. But you will also want to fulfill your own personal ambitions and be able to enjoy all the luxuries you deserve. GLFS helps and ensures that you have planned ahead for your retirement. It’s a fact that advances in medical care and general wellbeing mean that you can expect to enjoy a longer and more active retirement than your parents and grandparents. Retirement is now viewed by many as the start of a new era in their lives - one in which they can enjoy the opportunities that their busy work lives didn’t allow. As well as having a sufficient income to spend on all the good things you’ve been looking forward to, you also need to consider the possible costs of additional health care.

Global Life Finance Solutions understand that as and when you intend to retire the most important consideration to be addressed are your retirement needs.

Estate Planning

Making a Will and planning to protect and preserve your wealth is one of the most important things that you will ever do. Incredibly, about 70% of people do not have even a basic Will and of the 30% that do have a Will at least 75% have the wrong Will for their circumstances and wishes!
We specialize in providing professional advice that is jargon free in all aspects of Wills, estate planning and asset protection. Whether you want to make a simple Will, a Lasting Power of Attorney or are worried about Inheritance Tax, Care Home fees, or have other issues and like most people want to plan to protect and preserve your hard earned wealth for your loved ones we can tailor make the solution for your circumstances and objectives.

Captive insurance

Captive insurance is insurance or reinsurance provided by a company that is formed primarily to cover the assets and risks of its parent company or companies. Captive insurance is essentially an “in-house” insurance company with a limited purpose and is not available to the general public. We will make the experience easy, convenient and affordable by visiting you at a time to suit you. Our pricing structure is both competitive and transparent.

Motor Insurance

Ensure total protection for your motor vehicle by taking a comprehensive motor insurance policy. A wide range of covers are available in the market and one has to be very careful while selecting the cover as also the insurance company providing the cover. The basic cover and limits can be extended in various ways to provide you with a wider cover.

GLFS can assist you to select a cover suitable at competitive rates from some of the best securities in the market.

Accident Insurance

A variety of Life Insurance Schemes are available with GLFS to protect the assured and his dependents' life. The Personal Accident Insurance provides cover for permanent or temporary disability arising due to an accident.

Educational Planning

The cost of education is rising. Escalating university fees are well-documented, and private schools certainly don't come cheap either. Saving for your child's education is a must these days.
There are a number of ways you can invest money now so that your child will have a much better chance of a secure future and the widest education choices when they're older. Trust funds are becoming more and more commonplace amongst not only the super-rich class of citizens, but in average families as well. As the property value on homes increases and people make more and more money off the stock market, people are increasingly turning to trust funds for their children (and even grandchildren) as a way to preserve their own wealth, establish some financial security for their children, and minimize death taxes.

Capital Preservation

Many expatriates may be on short-term contracts or intend to move to another jurisdiction for employment or retirement reasons. They may have multi-jurisdictional tax issues, perhaps married to a foreign wife with children residing in another country or assets in many countries.

All scenarios involve different tax consequences & will require bespoke tax & wealth planning to ensure all tax advantages are used and assets end up with the intended individuals. It is also important that clients know what potential liabilities may arise. Global Life Financial Solutions can give guidance to most nationalities on the many different forms of tax that may occur including income tax, capital gains tax, gift tax, inheritance or wealth tax. GLFS has its own international trust and tax expert available to use as our clients.

Disability Cover

Our term life and critical illness policies offers Total & Permanent Disability Cover at no additional cost, where there is no long term prospect of recovery. When you make a claim on Total Permanent Disability cover the life insurance company will look at the exact definition that was used when the plan was purchased. The definition of disability that the life assured receives will depend on the applicant’s health, whether they are working and if so, their occupation. We offer better value by saving you time, money and the hassle of shopping around at the time of disability claims.

Critical Illness

The basic cover provides financial protection if the assured is diagnosed as suffering from a (defined) critical illness. This includes cancer, stroke, first heart attack, kidney failure, loss of hearing, loss of speech, benign brain tumor, etc. Various schemes designed to provide compensation to the assured and his family are available

General Insurance

Whether it is insurance to protect your business or your household, for a single car or a fleet, whether it is for goods imported or exported, we can offer the right solution to suit your need. Our excellent working relationship with local as well as international insurance companies enables us to provide you with the most competitive rates.

At Global Life Financial Solutions, we provide you complete peace of mind by making sure your assets, both at home and business-related, are insured and covered against any kind of damage or theft at all times.

We can work with your specific needs and offer you customized solutions covering a gamut of options from Motor Insurance to Home & Contents Protection to Marine Insurance and Liability cover.

Savings and Investments

We've been helping people with their savings & investments for years and know how important it is to be financially stable. To help you build your financial foundation we've designed a range of savings & investment plans which may suit your needs, whether you're saving over the medium to long term, or investing for your retirement.


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